Monday, May 28, 2012

What is Podcasting?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, how many of you are cruisin down the road listening to the radio? Well did you know that a podcast is similar to a radio show in that each show consists of a series of individual episodes you can listen to on your digital audio player like an iPod, smartphone, and computer.  So what’s the difference between a podcast from a traditional radio show is that you can listen to your podcast whenever and wherever you want to, and you can subscribe to a podcast series so when a new episode is available, it automatically downloads to your computer. So the next time your listening to the radio think of podcasting to catch up on the latest with its wide range to the ability to create or listen to audio or video content either live or downloaded for later use.

Ideas for Using Podcasting in the classroom:
  • Publish student work
  • Student project for assessment
  • Distribute school assignments
  • Peer teaching
  • Language classes
  • Create archive of class lectures
  • Interview guest experts
  • Create oral histories

Here are a couple of Podcasts I have listened to when catching up on the latest technology happening within the classroom: Take a listen and see what you think?

Teaching with SmartBoard: Want to jazz up your SmartBoard files over the summer take a listen to this video podcast, which explores techniques for teachers. Their main emphasis and purpose is to create lessons that are engaging for students to learn. So if you would like to get your students up and moving to the SmartBoard listen to this video podcast. This podcast is a quick listen and quite enjoyable to learn one new technique for using the SmartBoard within your classroom.  They also have a website to view more and watch some of their YouTube videos. It’s a quick listen too between 25-30 min, and will leave you thirsting to listen to more, enjoy their show. Click here to subscribe to the podcast in itunes.

Appy Hour U: App enthusiasts Lisa Johnson and Yolanda Barker bring this podcast to you as educators using iPads.  They provide a menu of appealing lesson ideas, and are using mainly FREE apps to create their lesson plans.  I love the enthusiasm and energy in the hosts’ voices in this audio podcast.  They use BlogTalk radio to produce their show but it can also be accessed from iTunes. There latest App shows have been around Mobile Learning 2012. They have been talking with other districts and learning what’s happening around different states.  For mobile learning it can happen anywhere, in a classroom, at the dining table, on a bus, anywhere.  Shows vary in length from 30 min – 60 min but a great deal of information to gain at when listening to this show. Hope you enjoy listening to Appy Hour U as much as I do.  Click here to subscribe to the podcast in itunes.

EdTech talks: This is made up of a community of educators interested in discussing and learning about the uses of technology in education.  For EdTech talks they webcast several live shows each week with different guest speakers.  The latest episode I listened to was about Reboot and how they were changing career paths.  They discussed about where they had been and where they were going.  Their discussion lead to how their show had developed and what they planned to do in the future.  There show was a very quick 25 min listen and I can’t wait to see what is to come from this group in the future.  Click here to subscribe to the podcast in itunes.


  1. Wow! The first podcast I listened to from Teaching with SmartBoard was when they were talking about their SmartBoard Camp they are having in July. It sounds really neat! I'm going to have to look into it more, because it's in the Chicago area so it could be feasible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful introduction to podcasts. Your posting was informative and looked good. What else it there?

    I am a BIG Ed Tech Talks listener. They were the pioneers for education podcasts. Would you believe that I was listening to it on the way to school when they mentioned "Web 2.0" I hadn't heard it before and when I asked folks at UNI, they hadn't either - but I heard it on Ed Tech Talks.