Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Global Connections

Our new mission which was adopted earlier this year states: to prepare and empower our students to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally. 

The question that people wonder is how are me making our connections? Connections are being formed through twitter accounts, edmodo global connections, news and Skype in the classroom.

When utilizing Skype in the Classroom, its a free and easy way for teachers to open up there classroom and create an amazing learning experience for their students. Recently Skype in the Classroom has know made it available for teachers to apply for free video group calling.

Our District is always looking for global connections to empower our students for the 21st Century Learning. Let us know if you would like to connect your classroom globally and follow us on twitter #2020howardwinn, or  #cadetnation to see our global connections we are making each and everyday.

Gov. Terry Branstad
On March 6th, was World Read Aloud and our District celebrated by Skyping different authors to listen to them read. 

Janet Stevens
Janet Stevens has written and/or illustrated more than 30 picture books and several with her sister Susan.  She read the book called Tops and Bottoms, which has received a Caldecott Honor Award, as well as the first Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award. Janet did her book reading from Vegas while she was on vacation so it an honor for our students to listen to her read on WRAD.
Mrs. P

Mrs. P an award-winning Free interactive digital storybook destination, which stars TV actress Kathy Kinney.  Mrs. P also reads a story on her youtube channel so don't miss out on catching some of her new digital readings.

Not only did we have connections with celebrity readers with our District we also had connections across our Centers.

5th Graders along with CT WRAD
There was also connections from LimeSprings and Cresco 1st Grade classrooms too. 

To Wrap-up the Week Up

We are making the news, yes as you can tell by the look of this picture its 5:50 am. This is huge for students to arrive this early in the morning to show there Cadet Pride. With the news crew and Nikki Newbrough from KWWL for School Spirit. Check out our morning news slots posted on School Spirt at KWWL. 


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