Friday, October 5, 2012

Global Cardboard Challenge

Many of the Howard-Winneshiek Staff were inspired with the story of Caine’s Arcade blasted into the mainstream. If you haven’t watched the original, stop reading this and go watch it!
To celebrate the one year anniversary of the flash mob they hosted for Caine, they are organizing a Global Cardboard Challenge.  Hundreds of people are hosting play parties where kids can get together and MAKE with cardboard.  It’s about creativity, fun and more than anything, play. 
Take a look at the followup video to Caine’s Arcade.
Just as Caine's story has been an inspiration to our staff and students they have been creating there Cardboard project.

Cardboard Pile
Take a look at their before projects: As the projects are underway here is the pile of Cardboard the students used to create there imagination projects.

 Teamwork as the Kindergarten and 7th Graders work together to create there cardboard challenge.

Take a Look at the Finished Projects:

Car Maze
Global Cardboard Challenge



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