Monday, October 15, 2012

What can Google Sites Do for You?

Mary Fran's Google Sites Tutorial is an excellent resource for anyone using Google Sites.

She has done an excellent job of breaking down different aspects and functions of Google Sites into an easy to read and follow format.

The site (created on Google sites of course) includes getting started, the basics, editing, inserting gadgets, using layouts and templates, and much more. She has video tutorials, links, and examples of sites and also has a section specifically for educators.

If you use Google Sites or want to create your own web site using Google Sites, I highly recommend this. It is also a great resource for students to create student portfolios on Google Sites. 

What can Google Sites Do for You? Check out this presentation to see the different areas in which you can apply Google Sites in your classroom.

Let's Get Started:

Log in to your school email account and find Sites located at the top of the bar. 

Click on Create

  • Browse the Gallery for a Template
  • Name your Google Site

Click on Create

Your ready to start designing your website.


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